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For some years now, the Miglianico Golf has aimed at the creation of a competitive golf academy able to manage an increasing number of athletes


Mario Dragonetti, President of the Miglianico Golf&Country Club, stated: “2015 has been an incredible year, with successful events reconfirmed by the Federation. Of course, we want to achieve better results in 2016: on 14-15-16 October we will host again – and for the third consecutive year – the Alps Tour, and this is a source of great pride for us. The climate of confidence we have with the Italian Federation management is amazing, because the FIG made these assessments on the basis of direct experiences, with regard both to the technically valid path and to the warm welcoming atmosphere that can be felt in Miglianico and in Abruzzo.

In the future to come we have great ambitions and enthusiasm as, starting from this year, the club house is directly managed by our association. The number of competitions increased and more and more companies are promoting themselves through golf. Praise goes to the youth sector which satisfies us and is always willing to improve. Last but not least, I would like to point out how the activities we are carrying out aim at emphasizing our region’s tourism: I will never stop highlighting this aspect”. He then continues telling the events held since he and his team have started managing the Golf Club: “If I look back at 2014 and 2015, I believe we made tangible steps forward. We tried to improve every single aspect, from the management to the strategic and sporting point of view, with the aim to increase the youth sector and allow people to get to know us, as it happened with the promotion of our team in the A1 league. And we also had visits from the President of the Italian Golf Federation, Franco Chimenti, Costantino Rocca, Nicola Pietrangeli and Beppe Dossena, just to name a few”.

And what about 2016? “We strongly believe in the new members of the technical staff, because excellences like Massimo Mannelli and Gianluca Crespi are the best we could have hoped for. Of course, we all support the only Pro of our region, Luca D’Andreamatteo who, starting from this year, will fully focus on his competitive activity. And we will support him in every “possible way”. The new Board of Directors, established in 2013, decided to increase the number of resources dedicated to the Youth activity, aiming at creating a team able to compete at national level.

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