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Become our member. The 18-hole course, with PAR 72 and a length of 5875 meters, twists along woods, vineyards and artificial bunkers, with various “out of bounds” and water hazards. The Miglianico Golf & Country Club course was designed by one of the most famous American golf Architects, Ronald Kirby, and has a unique personality. From technical point of view, this is an extremely interesting course with an enjoyable atmosphere, as confirmed by all golfers who play it constantly, by professionals and amateurs, champions, even coming from abroad, hosted over the years during the sporting seasons. Technical, challenging and fun holes make this golf course, venue of the Mediterranean Games in 2009, perfectly suitable for any kind of sports event.


Membership Benefits

The Miglianico Golf & Country Club has a welcoming Club House, the ideal meeting-place enriched with a bar/restaurant, which offers club members and guests a delicious selection à la Carte. The cooks propose the typical traditional cuisine of the Abruzzo region, made with local and seasonal products, meat and fish dishes (upon reservation) accompanied by a list of the most appreciated Abruzzo wines. The restaurant is open every day at lunch and dinner time, even for parties, birthdays, business meetings and events. Every Thursday it proposes to its guests a rich “aperitivo”.

Become our member

Support this project, a source of pride for each shareholder, it means not only make a small contribution to a sports association, but also believe in an important project for our youth. Golf is a sport that requires great commitment, dedication and fairness. These characteristics make it so extraordinarily important for the growing child. Help "GOLF ACADEMY" of Miglianico Golf Country Club means to believe in the social and educative value of course, it means doing something concrete for our young people who dream of becoming a golfer. To achieve this dream, we need you! Support Golf Academy of Miglianico Golf Country Club.
  • MEMBERSHIP Fee Player | 1.800 €
  • MEMBERSHIP Fee Player (Partner) | 700 €
  • MEMBERSHIP Fee (no Player) | 300 €
  • MEMBERSHIP Fee Driving Range | 300 €
  • STARTER MEMBERSHIP Fee | 750 € Part of a Year (Monthly fee: € 62.50 – advance payment up to the end of the year)
  • MEMBERSHIP Fee YOUTH 14-25 Years Old | 300 €
  • MEMBERSHIP Fee Under 14 (0-13 Years Old) | Only FIG Membership
  • MEMBERSHIP as Second Golf Club | 1.500 €
  • MEMBERSHIP Fee as Second Golf Club (Partner) | 500 €
  • MEMBERSHIP Fee Extra Region | 1.400 €
  • MEMBERSHIP Fee Extra Region (Partner) | 600 €
  • MEMBERSHIP Fee Over 65 | 1.600 €
  • MEMBERSHIP Fee Player resident in Miglianico | 1.260 €

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