For several years the main objective of the Miglianico Golf is the creation of youth athletic activity can have within it an increasing number of subscribers.


President Miglianico Golf & Country Club Mario Dragonetti: “The 2015 was an important season, with great success events and confirmed by the Federation of course we want to do even better in 2016. For the 14-15-16 October also the Alps there Tour It has been re-assigned – the third consecutive year – and for us it is a source of great pride.

Significantly, the climate of trust that has been created with the Italian federal leaders, because the Fig did these evaluations based on what he saw in person, by technically sound path to the great reception of Miglianico and Abruzzo. We have great ambitions for the future, there is a bell’entusiasmo, especially since this year the total cycle management of our association. The racing calendar has even increased over the past year, indicating that many companies promotion through golf.

An applause finally to the youth sector that always gives us much satisfaction and desire to look ahead. Finally, I like to emphasize that all these activities are being carried out are also aimed at enhancing the tourist aspects of our region, I will continue to emphasize this aspect which I think is central. “He continues by making a ‘historical’ of what happened since he and his group have settled at the top of the circle: “If I look back a few years, particularly in 2014 and then in 2015, I believe that progress has been tangible. We tried to going to improve every aspect, structural, management, strategy and sports. With the ball to increase youth activity and also let us know the results, and I am reminded of the promotion of our team in the A1 series. even in terms of image often they came to visit important people, starting with the Federal President Franco Chimenti, followed by Costantino Rocca, or Nicola Pietrangeli rather than Beppe Dossena just to give the names. “

And for 2016 ?: “We strongly believe in the new grafts in the technical staff, because excellence as Mannelli Massimo and Gianluca Crespi are the best we could have. We believe we can also create thanks to their new professional players. Of course we are all rooting for the only pro Abruzzo, Luca D’Andreamatteo, which this year will focus fully competitive activity. And we will try to support it in every way. ” The new Board of Directors took office in October 2013 decided to increase resources for youth activities, acting as a point of arrival the formation of a competitive team that can compete at the national level.

Prova l'Emozione del GOLF


  • the promotion and ‘reserved for those who have never been registered with the Italian Golf Federation.

  • the lessons booked. must be canceled at least 24 hours before if not, will be counted.

  • promotion, only allows access to the driving range and, during the promotional period, the field access and ‘allowed only if you and’ accompanied by the master.

  • During the promotion period it is not ‘allowed to carry out the examination rules.

  • Access to the driving range and ‘allowed only with a dress code. no crew neck sweaters, jeans, tracksuits and shorts are not permitted. They are recommended, in the absence of golf shoes, tennis shoes


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